The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2013:

"Throughout our stay, we had many long and enthusiastic conversations over plates of better-than-home-cooked meals...Not least of all, the magical, almost old-world feeling of the cottages and pristine natural setting left us all deeply inspired. All these things greatly contributed to the success of what is a very memorable conference experience."

                 - Arlene Mitchell, Deputy Director, Global Development


The Carey Institute for Global Good is dedicated to making the world better by providing a place in nature where people connect, create and address today’s most pressing issues.


Strengthen Community: Partner with our local communities so they can thrive economically, intellectually, and artistically.

Foster Good Governance: Provide a place to discuss, incubate and spur sound policy, good government and strong leadership for New York State.

Advance Global Understanding: Cultivate international trust and understanding with partnerships and programs that can effect positive change, and by providing a neutral place to explore issues and exchange ideas. 


Featured Recent Event

The fall of one of the 21st century’s athletic icons took center stage at the Carey Institute for Global Good on March 22 with the Alex Gibney-directed documentary “The Armstrong Lie.” The film was screened followed by a panel discussion with Betsy Andreu, John Eustice and Tyler Wren. Listen in to the conversation.



Programs and Initiatives

Strengthen Community: The Carey Institute for Global Good is situated in Rensselaerville, New York, a beautiful 19th Century village, one of the foothill communities that make up what is known as The Helderberg Hilltowns. The village is home to many creative people, including photographers, painters and writers, and surrounded by rich valleys of farmland. The area is experiencing a renaissance in small-scale agriculture. Like many rural communities we too have agricultural, economic and social challenges.

The Carey Institute for Global Good aims to strengthen and engage local communities, and spark informative and engaging public exchanges that enrich, inform, empower and unite.

To do this, the Carey Institute for Global Good offers a variety programs:

  • Agricultural workshops
  • Art shows
  • Dialogues on current and critical issues
  • Farm to table events
  • Film Forums
  • Music performances


Local Core Programming - 2014

For 2014, The Carey Institute for Global Good will be re-purposing a circa 1760 Dutch barn as part of its inaugural local core program. The historic barn, coming on site late this year, will serve as a model demonstration site where local beers and hard ciders can be brewed and where area farmers, brewers and distillers can exchange experiences and tips about growing, sourcing and marketing local ingredients.

To learn more about the Helderberg Brewshed Project click here

Workshops  focus on the craft of brewing; to inform and engage local farmers and others interested in discussing challenges, business opportunities and the future of this re-emerging industry. The farm brewing project is part of a larger discussion in support of regional food systems.

Recent events: 


  • Roundtable Discussion: Small Grains in the Hilltowns?
  • Beer & Food Pairing Staamtisch with Craig Gravina, Albany Ale Project
  • Annual Columbus Day Weekend Chili Cook-Off & Craft Beer Tasting, a 'make-your-own cider' workshop and wild apple sampling
  • Farmer-Brewer Workshop: A session that introduced local brewers to local farmers thinking of growing hops and barley.
  • Bees, Honey & Mead -- Beekeepers Richard Ronconi, and Jorik Phillips of Hudson Valley Bee Supply offer advice on bee keeping basics, brewing with honey and making mead.
  • The Pleasures of the Palate – a seasonal series on the history, culture, enjoyment and threats to the foods we love.

A little history...Albany was once the brewing capital of the US, second only to London in density. Hard apple cider was widely enjoyed here until the 1800s. At one time New York State produced all the ingredients needed by local brewers and distillers. The Hilltowns are the eastern extant of New York's hops growing region.

For more information, please contact Sarah Gordon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Foster Good Governance

New York State continues to be at the forefront of challenges facing our nation – ranging from the fiscal crisis and clashing environmental and energy goals, to the need to strengthen government ethics. Located 20 miles from the capitol in Albany, we have the opportunity to experience legislative and public discourse in action, as we seek to encourage sound state government and leadership that is responsive to its citizens.

Good government is critical for a strong, stable community and engaging political conversation directly supports those needs. The Carey Institute for Global Good provides a venue for lively, informed discussions that can be a catalyst for meaningful change.


2013/2014 Good Governance Core Programming

Education and adaptation are ways our community can face the issues associated with environmental change. As part of our Good Governance Program, we host experts that inform us about the hard truths New York faces in an effort to encourage efficient policies and practices that can sustain us through tumultuous times.

The 3EC occasional series

Among the issues that loom large for New York State, and the nation, is the difficult interplay of forces that shape environmental policy – Ecology, Economy, Energy and Culture (3EC). These issues are irrevocably linked. Our 3EC programming will bring conversations to light on issues environmental issues affecting our region.


Advance Global Understanding and Trust

We see a world that is irrevocably interconnected. Local communities feel the effects of what happens across the world, events that cannot be ignored. The Carey Institute for Global Good offers a 100-acre campus in the heart of a pristine nature reserve as an inspiring and neutral place to convene change makers and global leaders to seek innovative solutions to the world's challenges.


2013/14 Building International Trust and Understanding. Core Programming 

Good information is critical to good decisions. Finding accurate, unbiased, reliable sources of information is difficult in our fast-changing world. A reliable media is one way people can become active and informed citizens, which at its best, fuels progress.

For 2013, the Carey Institute for Global Good will focus our priority programming on quality journalism in the US and abroad. We believe the absence of good journalism is a danger to good politics, good citizenship and democracy itself. We are partnering with national and international organizations and pre-eminent journalists, experts, and scholars committed to objective, insightful and balanced journalism.

Our 2013/14 international programs focuses on:

  • Core Program I - Journalism Training for Covering Conflict Areas

Journalism Training for Covering Conflict Areas

The Carey Institute for Global Good is committed to building national and global alliances with renowned academic institutions and non-profit organizations to advance journalistic excellence. In collaboration with our global network, we offer practical resources, relevant trainings, innovative workshops, and residency programs for preeminent journalists.

Nationally, we are collaborating with:

The Carey Institute for Global Good is also proud to partner with the Daniel Pearl International Journalism Institute, (DPIJI). Based in one of the world's most complex, conflict-ridden regions, the mission of the Daniel Pearl International Journalism Institute is to bring journalists of different national ethnic and religious backgrounds together in order to advance the quality of journalism in the Middle East and to promote informed, balanced and insightful reporting on the region.

To learn more about our partnerships and programs, please contact Daryl Niemerow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Wm. Polk Carey, founder of the Carey Institute for Global Good, had many strengths. He was a connoisseur of ideas; his far-sighted intelligence called on the best minds to learn new information and to explore possibilities. As a sort of entrepreneurial journalist, he cultivated experts in every field that could stimulate his thinking.

The Carey Dialogues are designed in the same spirit. Honoring Mr. Carey's legacy, The Dialogues explore a range of issues and ways the Carey Institute for Global Good can move those issues - political, scientific, environmental, cultural, moral, - both at home and abroad. In doing so, we seek to be in the forefront of the 21st Century agenda.

Dialogue Highlights From The 2012/13 Season

  • Carl Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a lead investigative reporter on the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post, on "Is Journalism Dead?"
  • Tim Weiner, Pulitzer Prize winning author and former New York Times Reporter, on "A History of the FBI and the CIA"
  • Eugene Linden, author, The Ragged Edge of the World, Winds of Change and The Future in Plain Sight on "The Environment"
  • Film and Discussion Panel, "The Invisible War," abuse of women in the military

Please watch the videos below to learn about the great events, including Carey Dialogues, that have taken place at the Carey Institute for Global Good. 


Dialogues: Winged Migration
Film Forum: Downtown Express
Film Forum: The Cold Lands 
Dialogues: Yehuda Hanani 
Film Forum: “The Invisible War”
Dialogues: Eugene Linden
Adaptive Reuse of Religious Properties 
Dialogues: Tim Weiner
Farmer-Brewer Workshop
Dialogues: Carl Bernstein
Film Forum: “Bitter Seeds”
Film Forum: “Nuremberg”
The Lost Bird Project